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Westwood Elementary School Staff Directory

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  • All Westwood staff can be reached by calling our main office at 815.337.8173.
  • For those who have created a personal webpage, a link to the page is provided in the Webpage column.
Name/Email Position Webpage
Hart, Ryan Principal  
Caywood, Rita Secretary to Principal  
Ortiz, Adriana Attendance Secretary  
Tillman, Roxane Nurse  
Barnhill, Debbie Food Service Manager  
Tempin, Susan Food Service  
Oclon, Diana Food Service  
Jessica Young 1st Grade  
Moran, Giovanni 1st Grade Dual Language (Spanish)  
Wicker, Wendy 1st Grade Dual Language (English) Webpage
Schmarje, Vickie 2nd Grade Webpage
Intefjord, Elizabeth 2nd Grade Dual Language (Spanish) Webpage
Blalock, Amy 2nd Grade Dual Language (English)  
Griffin, Kecia 3rd Grade   
Ocampo, Maria Ines 3rd Grade Dual Language (Spanish) Webpage
Czajkowski, Elizabeth 3rd Grade Dual Language (English)  
Wagner, Lorrie 4th Grade Webpage
Fankhauser, Brett 4th Grade Dual Language (Spanish)  
Boyd, Lauren 4th Grade Dual Language (English)  
Teuber, Bob 5th Grade Webpage
Lacey-Anderson, Kathe 5th Grade Dual Language (Spanish)  
Weber, Stacy 5th Grade Dual Language (English)  
Perk, Audrey Physical Education Webpage
Kaminski, Rita Physical Education  
Sharpe, Carolyn Music & Chorus Webpage
Stouffer, Kaylie Music Webpage
Cincola, Marisa Art Webpage
Wagner, Katie Art Webpage
Feldsien, Julie Library Media Specialist  
Hughes, Kerry LRC Associate  
Schweihs, Debbie Band Webpage
Blaho, Becky Orchestra Webpage
Fuller, Deb Learning Behavior Specialist  
Ortmann, Tammy Learning Behavior Specialist Webpage
Fister, Joy Speech/Language Pathologist Webpage
Hackbart, Pat Occupational Therapist  
Zozaya, Isabel Costa Special Education Resource (Spanish)  
Thurow, Kristin Social Worker Webpage
Lemond, Margaret (Peggy) Psychologist  
Wedoff, Denise Associate  
Butler, Candace Associate  
Carlson, Gigi Gifted Facilitator  
Welzen, Bob Head Custodian  
Mirs, Andy Custodian  
Sherwin, Brian Custodian  
Kaufmann, Dottie Lunch/Recess Associate  
McFarland, Valorie Lunch/Recess Associate  
Green, Kirsten Lunch/Recess Associate  
Peloquin, Barbie Lunch/Recess Associate  













































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